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What we do not do:
Traditional/Behavioral Therapy Approaches

  • Focuses on “normalizing” behaviors.

  • Planned ignoring, withholds desired/favorite items, discrete trial training often utilized.

  • Operates from a deficit model.

  • Teaches children to mask differences to avoid upsetting others.

  • "Rewards" & punishment based techniques to motivate behavioral change.

  • Adult led plan.

  • Attempts to extinguish non-compliant behaviors.

  • Views the child’s behavior as the problem.

  • Does not take into account sensory differences, communication differences, or child's development.


What we do:  
Developmental Neurodiversity 
affirming therapy

  • Neurodivergent diagnoses (Autism, ADHD, etc.) aren’t problems to be cured or solved, but are individual neurotypes with unique strengths, needs, and challenges. The neurodiversity movement shifts away from the idea that brains falling outside of “typical” are “disordered.”

  • Our therapists come from a perspective of “How can I support?” versus a deficit model.

  • We provide therapy that is respectful of neurodivergence, autistic differences, & sensory processing differences.

  • Developmental & strength based approaches are used.

  • Child led plan.

  • We listen to Autistic voices.

  • We presume competence & respect personal agency.

  • We encourage parents/caregivers to choose which methodology is best for their child.

  • We do not do Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) at Vibrant Therapy Services.


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